Zero Emissions Traders Alliance

Our mission: no emissions

We shape transparent markets for low to sub-zero carbon emission products with a focus on MENA.

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We are dedicated to promoting the development and growth of net-zero and green commodity markets, contributing to the carbon-neutrality goals of MENA countries and a sustainable future for all.
We value partnerships and cooperation among various stakeholders, including governments, companies, investors, and individuals, fostering a collaborative environment to advance the net zero market in the region.
We strive to create transparent and efficient marketplaces, enabling fair price discovery and increased liquidity for both physical and virtual products, ultimately ca liquid and transparent
net-zero market.

Our Objectives:

Build Platforms

ZETA aims to provide local companies with a platform to hedge market risks, encourage investments in carbon-neutral projects, and facilitate transparent price discovery for zero-emission products. The foundation will collaborate with market facilitators, regional governments, and stakeholders in other markets to achieve its goals.

Stimulate Development

Stimulating market development by providing local companies with a platform to hedge their market risks, thus encouraging safer investments and promoting new investments in carbon-neutral projects.

Enable Price Discovery

Enabling transparent price discovery for zero-emission products through neutral platforms and marketplaces, which can lead to increased liquidity as these products develop.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Collaborating with market facilitators, regional governments, and stakeholders in other markets to establish standard contracts, regulations, and mutually acceptable green standards and certificates.

Educate Stakeholders

Educating stakeholders on market functioning, analyzing the current market design in the MENA region, and recommending regulatory initiatives to close identified gaps.

Hub for Initiatives

Serving as a neutral platform for open discussions, collaboration, and fostering industry opinion on key issues related to zero-emissions markets and carbon neutrality.
"The road toward climate neutral energy supply is not only about migrating to physical ‘net zero emission’ systems, but also about creating efficient energy markets"
Paul van Son
Join ZETA today and be a part of the regional initiative that is shaping the future of low emission markets.