Zero Emissions Traders Alliance

ZETA will develop and facilitate regional (MENA) markets with enormous growth potential and help facilitate exchange with the global market for net zero energy carriers.

Start-Up Phase Aims

At ZETA, we collaborate with governments and companies across the GCC and MENA regions who share a passion for emerging 'net zero' markets. We bring expertise from advanced markets with carbon-reducing trade schemes and green bond programs, adapting these concepts for use in the MENA region. To raise awareness, we host meetings, events, and publish opinion papers.

During our start-up phase, we actively participate in regional and international discussions on carbon and renewables-related physical energy carriers and tradable certificates. Our goal is to connect producers with off-takers and help establish a trading location in the GCC and MENA regions for carbon-light, no-carbon, and green commodities.

We partner with existing energy players and exchanges in the MENA region to develop new products covering net-zero and green molecules. Initially, we focus on building an OTC (over the counter) platform for trading Green Certificates in the GCC region, with plans to include net-zero or green electrons (power) at a later stage.

Once initial transactions are successful, we work towards creating liquid and transparent markets for "zero emission" standard products, both virtual and tightly connected with physical energy carriers. This supports the market development for zero/low carbon emission products and contributes to the carbon-neutrality objectives of MENA countries.

ZETA develops market tools to assist traders, regional producers, exporters, investors in carbon-neutral projects, and off-takers in the region and beyond. By enabling local companies to hedge market risks from long-term contracts, we help make investments safer and stimulate new investments.

We envision transparent markets with price discovery enabled through impartial platforms and marketplaces, leading to increased liquidity of physical and virtual products as they technically develop.

At ZETA, we are also very enthusiastic about fostering diverse collaborations and welcome individuals and organizations interested in contributing to our mission. If you share our vision for a sustainable future and wish to get involved with ZETA, we encourage you to join us in building a thriving net zero market in the MENA region. Together, we can make a lasting impact and drive positive change.

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