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5th ZETA Roundtable

The Fifth ZETA Roundtable is happening in September, continuing the discussions on the clean energy hub initiative. Stay tuned for agenda updates and speaker announcements.

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The Fourth ZETA Roundtable, held in Abu Dhabi on April 15, centered on the theme 'Market Prices to Market Places.' It aimed to raise awareness among stakeholders about utilizing market tools to drive industry decarbonization. Discussions focused on establishing clean exchanges for green molecules, emphasizing clean hydrogen, GoOs, price discovery, and green certificates. Distinguished speakers from ACX and H2 Industries contributed, and the event explored GCC-EU cooperation on green transition.
INSEAD Middle East Campus, Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 15, 2024
The Third ZETA Roundtable in Dubai focused on advancing climate neutrality in the Gulf through low carbon and renewable energy trading, and continued the Clean Energy Hub series for better green molecule market access. Speakers Jan Haizmann, Peter Styles, Wouter Vanhoudt, and Frank Wouters discussed sustainable transitions, renewable energy in Europe, the HyBex hydrogen exchange, and clean hydrogen models. The roundtable underscored the importance of collaboration towards sustainable energy solutions, expressing gratitude to participants for their commitment to achieving climate neutrality.
Crown Plaza, Dubai Marina, UAE
February 26, 2024
The Second ZETA Roundtable, part of the 13th Dii Summit in Dubai, focused on decarbonization in industries through market tools and discussed the establishment of a clean exchange for green molecules, drawing on the HyExchange experience in The Netherlands for creating similar marketplaces in the MENA region. The event also delved into clean energy hubs, highlighting their role in facilitating the trade of green and low carbon fuels, with speakers emphasizing the significance of these hubs in achieving a net-zero future in the region.
W - The Palm, Dubai, UAE
November 27, 2023
Zero Emission Traders Alliance, Dii Desert Energy and The Economics Network, New York University Abu Dhabi, organized the first ZETA roundtable on “Clean Energy Hub Abu Dhabi: a framework for low carbon commodities trading in the Gulf”.
New York University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
September 13, 2023