4th ZETA Roundtable

INSEAD Middle East Campus, Abu Dhabi, UAE
April 15, 2024
Dr. Jan Haizmann
Michael Stusch
Executive Chairman & CEO, H2-Enterprises
Spyros Kouvelis
Team Leader, EU-GCC Cooperation on Green Transition Project
Andrew Cullen
VP Institutional Sales, ACX
Dr. Jan Haizmann

1- Opening remarks

Jan Haizmann, Secretary General, ZETA 

2- Global Energy Trading Platform

Michael Stusch, Executive Chairman & CEO, H2-Enterprises

3 - Introduction to the Air Carbon Market Platform: The Essentials of Carbon Market Functioning

Andrew Cullen, VP Institutional Sales, ACX

4- EU-GCC Cooperation on Green Transition

Spyros Kouvelis, Team Leader, EU-GCC Cooperation on Green Transition Project funded by the EU

5- Panel Discussion and Next Steps

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Insights from the Fourth ZETA Roundtable

The Fourth ZETA Roundtable, held in Abu Dhabi on April 15, provided a platform for in-depth discussions on leveraging market tools to drive industry decarbonization. With a focus on the theme 'Market Prices to Market Places,' the event brought together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to explore innovative approaches towards a sustainable future.

The roundtable delved into various topics crucial for advancing decarbonization efforts. Central to the discussions was the establishment of clean exchanges for green molecules, emphasizing the role of clean hydrogen, GoOs, price discovery, and green certificates. Distinguished speakers shed light on cutting-edge solutions and collaborative initiatives driving the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our gratitude extends to the distinguished speakers who shared their insights:

  • Michael Stusch for introducing the Global Energy Trading Platform, a groundbreaking initiative offering solutions for clean hydrogen generation, storage, release, and transportation.
  • Andrew Cullen for providing valuable insights into carbon markets, stressing the importance of carbon offsets in achieving net-zero targets.
  • Spyros Kouvelis for elaborating on the purpose of the EU-GCC green transition project, highlighting the significance of collaboration in addressing climate change and energy transition challenges.
  • Jan Haizmann for setting the stage with opening remarks and moderating the discussions.

The success of the Fourth ZETA Roundtable would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of our speakers and participants. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of them for their insights, expertise, and commitment to driving sustainability. Special appreciation goes to INSEAD for graciously hosting our ZETA Roundtable on their campus, providing an ideal environment for meaningful discussions and collaboration.

As we reflect on the insights shared and connections made during the Fourth ZETA Roundtable, we are inspired by the collective commitment to accelerating industry decarbonization efforts.

Presentation slides: Andrew Cullen [PDF], Michael Stusch [PDF], Spyros Kouvelis [PDF]