What is ZETA?
ZETA is an expert initiative designed to help shape a transparent market for liquid low-emission products with a focus on the MENA region. ZETA is a non-for-profit foundation based in the UAE. Initial work will start in GCC with a cross-regional activity focus.


The world’s energy systems are, with different speeds, (supposed to be) migrating from emitting over 36 billion tons mainly fossil carbon dioxide yearly to net zero emissions in a number of decades. Energy trading, i.e. buying and selling energy from source to sink, bilaterally and multilaterally, nationally and internationally, is playing a pivotal role to make energy systems work efficiently. The transition from massive emissions to net zero requires a transformation from the traded, predominantly fossil, energy markets that we know today to traded market of energy carriers that, eventually, do not leave net carbon emissions behind in the atmosphere.

There is not yet much of a coherent framework for net zero energy trade in place in well organized markets such as the EU, Japan, USA, China an India, left alone in MENA. However MENA is blessed with all clean energy source prerequisites to develop toward a key net ZETA (Zero Emissions Traders Alliance) zero energy (suppliers and off-takers) market in the coming decades. That evidences the need for a well-structured “net zero market” in the region with effective interaction with the emerging net zero world markets.

ZETA is an initiative of Dii Desert Energy and international key experts, that understand this need. They show their responsibility by bundling the forces of traders and related stakeholders and giving shape to the market together.

Meet our team

Our team consists of a group of talented energy professionals from around the world:
Picture of Jan Haizmann
Jan Haizmann
Chief Executive Officer
Paul van Son
Chairman of the Board
Ingrid Kerssebeeck
Valeria Aruffo
Public Relations
Picture of Pinar
Pınar Kılavuzlu
Business Development
Portrait of Max Haizmann
Max Haizmann
Kutalmis Ersoy

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