1st ZETA Roundtable

New York University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
September 13, 2023
Dr. Jan Haizmann
Frank Wouters
SVP, Reliance and Chairman, MENA Hydrogen Alliance
Taimoor Zaman
Head of Commodities Trading, NEOM/ENOWA
Cornelius Matthes
CEO, Dii Desert Energy
Paul Van Son
Chairman, ZETA and President, Dii Desert Energy
Dr. Li-Chen Sim
Assistant Professor, Khalifa University
Marat Terterov
Principal Representative, Brussels Energy Club (BREC)

1 - Welcome remarks: NYU Abu Dhabi Representative

Dr. Li-Chen Sim, Assistant Professor, Khalifa University

2 - Emerging low carbon/net zero energy trading

Paul Van Son, Chairman, ZETA and President, Dii Desert Energy

3 - The ZETA initiative - bundling traders and off takers interests with a footprint in MENA

Cornelius Matthes, CEO Dii Desert Energy

4 - About the need for a trading hub for future commodities

Taimoor Zaman, Head of Commodities Trading, NEOM/ENOWA

5 - Energy storage systems as investable assets

Frank Wouters, SVP, Reliance and Chairman, MENA Hydrogen Alliance

6 - The ZETA concept of a  "Clean Energy Hub"

Dr. Jan Haizmann, CEO, ZETA

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Our first ZETA Roundtable was held on September 13

Zero Emission Traders Alliance, Dii Desert Energy and The Economics Network, New York University Abu Dhabi, organized the first ZETA roundtable on “Clean Energy Hub Abu Dhabi: a framework for low carbon commodities trading in the Gulf”.

The First ZETA Roundtable took place at New York University Abu Dhabi on 13 September has raised awareness amongst relevant stakeholders in UAE about using market tools in order to stimulate decarbonization, or better, net zero emissions of their industry. The first seminar set the scene for further focused discussions taking place in the ensuing months, focusing on topics such as tradable certification and standardisation. The seminars were aimed to assist the UAE to introduce market concepts, provide further guidance for some of the country’s zero carbon investments, and lead to substantial production of green commodities. The interactive discussion featured industry leaders who shared their insights on the prospects for the development of low carbon commodities trading and clean energy hub concept.  

Paul van Son speaks at ZETA Roundtable on Emerging low carbon / Net zero energy trading

With over 45 years of experience in the international energy sector, Paul van Son is a recognized business pioneer and innovator, with a deep background in grid infrastructure, emission-free energy, natural gas, and hydrogen. Currently based in Munich and Dubai, he has spent the last two decades focusing on the energy transition across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Paul was the founding CEO of Dii Desert Energy in 2009, a coalition of 100+ companies aiming to transform North Africa and the Middle East into a sustainable energy hub. In 2021, he transitioned to the role of President within the organization. Concurrently, from 2015-2019, he served as the MENA Country Chairman for innogy SE, a major renewable energy firm, where he also acted as an envoy on hydrogen.

His extensive experience also spans various executive, management, and governance roles, showcasing his ability to lead, innovate, and build networks across the industry.

The presentation slides can be found here.

Cornelius Matthes speaks at ZETA Roundtable on "The ZETA initiative"

Cornelius Matthes, serving as CEO of Dii Desert Energy, is a distinguished leader steering the global shift toward 100% renewable energy, focusing particularly on desert areas. He is a well-respected investor and founder of several successful clean energy businesses in the Middle East and Africa.

With a decade of board-level experience at Deutsche Bank, Cornelius was notably one of the youngest board members in the Deutsche Bank Italy Group. He has also contributed significantly to various renewable energy organizations, startups, and associations, often on a pro bono basis.

At Dii Desert Energy, he has been crucial in establishing a robust international network, actively participating in the renewable energy transformation in North Africa and the Middle East. Cornelius's entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in emerging markets earned him the “Solar Pioneer 2015” award for the Middle East.

The presentation slides can be found here.

Taimoor Zaman speaks at ZETA Roundtable on "The need for a Trading hub for future commodities"

Taimoor Zaman has cultivated extensive experience across the global energy value chain, spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors. His professional journey has been dedicated to optimizing cross-border energy assets and trading commodities, Carbon, and Green certifications, with a specific focus on northwest Europe.

At Centrica, one of Britain's largest energy companies and owner of British Gas, Taimoor led the energy trading desk. Before that, he played a key role in establishing the EU-UK Interconnector trading & optimization desk for National Grid. While the UK serves as his primary market, Taimoor has also made significant contributions in Abu Dhabi at EWEC, where he facilitated power transactions across borders and was pivotal in launching the Clean Energy Certificates auctions market through extensive collaboration with stakeholders.

In his current role at NEOM, Taimoor directs the Commodity Logistics Optimization & Trading team, guiding the transition toward cleaner commodities to fulfill NEOM’s overarching vision. His deep-rooted interest in the energy sector is evident from his academic background, holding an MSc in Energy Trading & Finance from Cass Business School London, an MBA with a Global Energy focus from the University of Warwick, and completing an executive leadership program in thought leadership at Said Business School, University of Oxford.

The presentation slides can be found here.

In order to get more information about the event or learn further about ZETA, feel free to get in touch with us.