Tools of Trade with Jan Haizmann of ZETA

Pınar Kılavuzlu
May 10, 2024

This week, the EAH team spoke with Jan Haizmann, one of the founders of the Zero Emissions Traders Alliance (ZETA) and an energy trading veteran expanding the enabling market tools and structures in Europe to the MENA region in order to facilitate exchange with the global market for net zero energy carriers like hydrogen and derivatives.

About Jan Haizmann:

Jan Haizmann is a qualified lawyer who has spent most of his career focused on building energy markets. In parallel, he established a boutique consulting group, Correggio NET, now based in Dubai. The European Commission has used Jan’s services since 2010 to help build new energy market structures.

Jan and Paul Van Son, the Chairman of Dii Desert Energy and ZETA, originally met in 1999 when Paul was the CEO of a Dutch utility. Together, they set out to build an energy wholesale market in Europe. They channeled this through the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET). They built the association from scratch reaching 150 companies from 25 countries and became a key partner for the European Commission. Paul was the chairman of EFET until 2012, and Jan was one of the four key staff in the venture, as well as Board member for 15 years.

Jan left EFET last year to set up the Dutch not-for profit foundation - Zero Emissions Traders Association (ZETA) with Dii Desert Energy including Paul and CEO Cornelius Matthes as well as Frank Wouters who leads MENA Hydrogen Alliance. Recognizing the market potential for sustainable energy in the GCC and more general MENA region, the group believes that the climate transition must be accelerated through market tools, in order to give proper credit for reduction and elimination of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

About ZETA

Founded in 2023, ZETA develops market tools to assist traders, regional producers, exporters, and investors in carbon-neutral projects, as well as off-takers in the MENA region and beyond. By enabling local companies to hedge market risks from long-term contracts, ZETA makes sustainable investments safer and stimulates new investment.



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