ZETA at the Dii Partner Meeting in Kaust, Saudi Arabia

Pınar Kılavuzlu
January 30, 2024

ZETA's Engaging Participation at the Dii Partner Meeting in Kaust: A Step Towards Sustainable Energy Futures

We at ZETA are proud to have been a part of the transformative Dii Partner Meeting held in Kaust, Saudi Arabia. This event was a crucial gathering of minds focused on the future of clean energy and sustainable investment as outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. Our Secretary General, Jan Haizmann, joined forces with Taimoor Zaman, head of Commodity Trading & Logistics at NEOM, to delve into the prospects and challenges of establishing clean energy hubs globally.

Jan Haizmann, Secretary General, ZETA Global

The panel discussion with Jan Haizmann and Taimoor Zaman highlighted the need for a collaborative approach towards realizing these hubs. Jan Haizmann pointed out the critical role of transparent pricing mechanisms in attracting and securing foreign investment in sustainable assets. He emphasized that the creation of clear and efficient economic signals is paramount for the optimization of multi-commodity portfolios, ensuring that investments are not only lucrative but also environmentally sound.

Taimoor Zaman, Head of Commodities Trading, ENOWA/NEOM

Taimoor Zaman contributed to this narrative by underlining the importance of innovation in the energy sector and how NEOM is leading by example in this arena. The panel also touched upon the significance of cross-border collaborations and the exchange of knowledge and resources to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

The event served as a testament to ZETA's commitment to fostering sustainable energy markets and our ongoing efforts to support the development of green commodity markets. We are grateful to Dii Desert Energy for hosting this engaging and enlightening event, and for the opportunity to share our vision and learn from other industry leaders.

As we reflect on the discussions and insights shared at the Dii Partner Meeting, we are more motivated than ever to continue our work towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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Pınar Kılavuzlu
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